Officers for 2020

Chairman of the Deacon Board - Deacon Evans

Chairman of Trustee Board -Brother Griffin, Sr.

Chairperson of the Deaconesses and Ministers'  Wives - Sister Young

Church Clerk - Sister Adams

Assistant Church Clerk - Sister  Whitworth

Financial Secretary - Deacon Avery

Treasurer - Deacon Jefferson, Sr.

​Church Librarian - Brother Hampton

Sunday School Superintendent - Sister Hidleburg

Sunday School Dean - Sister Brice

Chairperson of Beautification Committee - Sister McCann

Chairperson of Education Committee - Sister Dr. Thomas

President of Senior Women Missionary Union - Sister Buckles

President of Women's Intermediate Auxiliary - Sister Beavers

President of Junior Women's Mission - Sister Lewis

President of Senior/Junior Usher Board - Brother Patton

President of Adult Choir - Sister Croutch

President of  Youth Choir - Sister Davis

President of Sunbeam Choir - Sister Craighead

President of Inspirational Choir - Sister Threats

President of Sunshine Band - Brother Williams 

President of Brotherhood Union - Brother Avery

Associate Ministers:

Reverend Tommie Daniels

Reverend Roderick Walker

Reverend Rick Barber

Reverend Phillip McSwain, Jr.

Reverend Elijah McSwain, Sr.

Pastor Markiet Lewis

Pastor Mark Tur